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The juiciest possible

Earlier this summer, Somebody gave me a few oranges from their tree in Florida.

Straight from their backyard, I took one home and cut it in half. But I didnt bother cutting it any more.
I remember that because it squirt me in the face on the first swipe.
When I bit into the flesh, It was pure heaven. It was the juiciest, Sweetest orange I had ever tasted! Florida oranges are famous, I know that, But I never knew why until that day.

I could describe the taste as being extra sweet, Almost tangerineish, But not quite.
For every one of those oranges, I wish I had a straw, Because they were so juicy, I bet I could actually stick in a straw and dring the whole orange like a Capri Sun.
Like a casaba melon, Every bite I took you would hear a loud slurp. If I didnt, I would have juice running down my shirt like those Gaterade commercials.

I will never forget the Florida Orange
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