Ax Kamen (ax_kamen) wrote in citrus_fruit,
Ax Kamen

Have you voted?

On a side note (but still very citrus), Ive cast my vote today.
Mountain Dew Distortion, With an explosion of lime flavor. White Out already has its lemony counterpart in Squirt, But the closest thing to Distortion is Stewart's Key Lime (also very good).

Remember, Every vote counts!

And oh, Ive also introduced my homie Matt to the ever so sweet and juicy, Always bleeding blood orange, And the ugli. Ive found a store that has them both year round.
Unrelated, Ive also tried a star fruit. Tasted almost just like a green apple.
But Ive also had the citrus giant, The pummelo. From the same store. Nobody else would enjoy it with me so I eventually gave it to my parents (it was near Thanksgiving). They have compost, If nothing else.
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